Hey hey! Gina here. My friends call me Reggie. Sorry, no they don’t that never stuck. BUT it would be super cool if they did (remember Reggie from Rocket Power?!) Anyway, I am an LA local working in entertainment (shocker), and a fashion and fitness addict with an unhealthy brunch obsession. Can I book 4 brunches in a weekend? Yes. Yes I can. Don’t worry I’ll sprinkle a few spin classes in there somewhere. I assume by now you have come to the conclusion that I am a basic bitch. Well yeah… . That’s all. No buts here.

Honestly though, some basic bitches like to break away from basic bitchness every now and then, and you’ll definitely see that from me. I can be two things at the same time right? I mean we all know you can be two places at once (A Walk To Remember anyone?), but I digress.

Welcome to the digital headspace of a neurotic creative type. I am constantly updating my list of things to do and places to eat (obvi) in LA. It never gets old. Well, maybe the traffic but this isn’t a segment of the Californians.  Here, I will share the things I love in fashion and lifestyle, whether it be what I am wearing, where I am brunching, how I am working off the brunch I probably JUST finished, and what random things inspire me and my style. I’ll also throw in little nuggets of my thoughts on random things. YOU’RE WELCOME. I know I know. You are on the edge of your seat aren’t you? Don’t answer that.

Such is life, LA life.