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Sweatshirt – Adidas | Shorts – Adidas by Stella McCartney | Sports Bra – Adidas | Shoes – Adidas

I love Adidas. These men’s tubular shoes are my favorite pair of sneakers by far. They run a little big so I ordered a Men’s size 6 (I am a Women’s size 8). The Adidas Originals long sleeve top is so different – just look at those angles! I decided to pair it with the Adidas by Stella McCartney running shorts with built in spandex (on sale here).

I am sure you all have seen some of the recent “Here to Create” campaign commercials featuring amazing athletes and #girlbosses, I couldn’t be more inspired. Especially because showcased in this campaign is a woman I truly admire: Hannah Bronfman. She is appropriately categorized as “Label Defying” which is something that resonates deeply within me. Her drive to be a strong, healthy, grounded woman only adds to the plethora of amazing characteristics that make her the unique empowering influencer that she is. If you haven’t followed her, you should, especially if you have a wide variety of lifestyle interests, as you know I do.

I have thought about my life and career a lot, at one point deciding that I have way to many interests and there is no way I will ever be able to explore them all, let alone get paid to do so. That is -until I stumbled upon Hannah a few years ago on instagram. Here is a woman who has immersed herself in the worlds of Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Wellness, Lifestyle, Music, and Entertainment, while still managing to have a personal life!

I don’t want to encourage women to look at women like Hannah with “#goals” in mind (I really feel that in this age of social media that way of thinking does more harm than good). However, I think she is a wonderful role model and example of someone who has really created a path for herself, and a career that really incorporates all of her passions. Seriously inspirational.

So ladies, I feel like the Adidas sports bra (pictured above) is really appropriate for this post. NO EXCUSES. If you want something, go after it. If it doesn’t exist yet, create it. Break through walls and continue to move forward as the obstacles of your past or negative thoughts of “I can’t” fall by the wayside.

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