Fit for the Holidays

tips to avoid that holiday “binge and gain” below!

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Sweatshirt – Rebecca Minkoff | Leggings – Rebecca Minkoff | Bag – Rebecca Minkoff


With one holiday behind us, I really need to kick it into high gear. There is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy the holidays and indulge a bit. But since there are three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am planning on working hard for those sweet treats that I love during the Christmas season. The combination of trying to burn that Thanksgiving pudge and the prep for those Christmas goodies has me working extra hard.

I mean, when your grandma buys four different types of pies for Thanksgiving how can you NOT try each one? You know, just to make sure they are all a satisfying treat. Shhhh it’s a logical excuse, trust me:)

In order to fight that holiday binge and gain, here are a few things I try to do:

  1. CUT IT OUT: Those weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Christmas and New Years? As Michelle from Full House would say “cut. it. out.” I am talking about that extra snack from your munchies cabinet. Those cupcakes someone baked and left in the office kitchen? Pass. Soon enough you will have your favorite Christmas cookie in hand! Would you like bread with that? Not a chance. A side of bread is always available. Ya don’t need it today:) Which brings me to my second point.

  2. SAVE IT FOR THE SPECIAL SHIT: Why get that random (but so tempting) side of bread at Kings Road Cafe when you will eventually be having your Aunt Sally’s freshly baked holiday rolls, which she only makes for Christmas dinner? If and when you indulge do it for the festive favorites you don’t have the other 364 days of the year.

  3. ONE AND DONE: For those random holiday parties where deliciousness is bound to ensue, choose only one of the treats at the dessert table. Sheila from HR’s Mini Apple Crisp or Darrel from accounting’s Gingerbread cookies. Pick one and enjoy!

  4. MOVE IT AND MAINTAIN IT: I like to maintain a pretty aggressive workout schedule the week before and after a holiday. If you are a group fitness junkie (like me) try to add an extra class into your schedule. I will also add 10 minutes of a brief area-focused workout as soon as I can after a group class or a nice long stretch session when I get home.

  5. TAKE THE STAIRS: If you don’t already make an effort to take the stairs instead of elevators, do it this month! Walk/ride your bike instead of driving to your destinations if you can.

  6. MOVE ON: If you end up indulging a little too much and moving a little less this holiday season, MOVE ON! Tomorrow is another day. Don’t dwell on what you can’t change. Stressing out about your choices and decisions during the holiday season can make it that much more difficult to move on and get back on track. The stress can even add to that holiday gain. Let it go and start anew!

Considering my cousin and I have a holiday tradition of baking all 8 of my grandmothers Christmas cookie recipes to feed 40 people, I really try to live by the above leading up to Christmas. And when that cookie baking day comes….well I try to only “sample” each kind as they come out of the oven (HA!).

Basically, I’ll be living in athleisure-wear for the next few weeks. And THANK YOU Rebecca Minkoff for this killer gym bag that I bring everywhere, from Pure Barre Beverly Hills, to Prevail Boxing, to Cyclehouse LA. Maybe I’ll see ya at the barre tomorrow to kick start our post-Thanksgiving pre-Christmas grind?

How are you getting ready for the rest of the Holiday season goodness (and goodies!)


Gina Marie




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    Michelle - This is great advice. I admire your dedication to your workouts!ReplyCancel

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