Karl is My Father

T-shirt – Eleven Paris (alt color) | Skort – Maje | Shoes – Banana Republic (similar)|Sunglasses – Karen Walker

You know when you have just finished a massive shopping day at a department store and all you want to do is get out of there to refuel and unwind a bit (its serious cardio people!)

You are about to exit and try with all of your might not to get drawn into another section of the store. You almost make it out but your eyes are quickly drawn to something in the far corner and you almost avoid it. But you can’t help but turn around, back track, find your size, and say “I’ll take this also…”

That is what happened to me with the “Karl is My Father” shirt from Eleven Paris. I mean, I couldn’t pass it up. I just couldn’t do it. Actually, come to think of it, the same thing happened to me with this Maje skort. I had already gone through checkout at Maje and as I was placing my wallet into my purse this little number caught my eye. And now here we are, with this spin on a feminine preppy look.

This Maje skort? PERFECT for summer. Literally fits into any style genre and lets face it….we all should have known that skorts would be cool again….

Also, side note. When I wear this tee out in public I remember that everyone has had different points of reference throughout life and most people I come across have no idea why I have a shirt that says “Karl is My Father.” Some even ask if, well, Karl is my father haha. It makes me smile when I receive a few knowing smirks while wearing this out and about in LA. I make a mental note. They are part of my tribe.

ANOTHER NOTE. My friend Lexi dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld one Halloween and it was EVERYTHING. She killed it. Anyway…


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