Mantra – Mind Over Matter


Let’s talk about fitness. The plain and simple definition of fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy. But one thing I have learned on my fitness journey is, although the majority of the focus in fitness is exercising your body, fitness is just as much, if not more, an exercise of the mind.

The funny thing is, in almost every aspect of my life I struggled with over thinking, hyper focusing, overreacting, and altogether stressing out over anything and everything that comes my way. I really struggle with exercising my mind in a positive way. Fitness, however, is the exception.

You CANNOT have a successful workout if you do not exercise your mind and body together. Think about when you are doing a super challenging workout and you struggle to finish the reps or hold a position. Those last few seconds, when you are pushing yourself past your limit, require a strong mind. You face a great mental challenge. Phrases like “I can’t” or “this is too heavy” “too much work” “I won’t make it” begin to bombard your mind. You must begin to rid yourself of these thoughts and replace them with positive alternatives. It’s like that quote everyone refers to “If you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right.” Alternative phrases to adopt, especially in the fitness world, are things like “I can do anything for 45 seconds” “I can hang” “Lose the excuses, find the results.” Enter my personal favorite mantra:


I know,  I know. You have all heard this before, nothing special right? That’s what I used to think until I heard it phrased a little differently.


I never truly heard this phrase until I heard it this way. Think about  it. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react and how you let it affect you. Think about everyone’s favorite day: leg day. You have finished all of your reps for a crazy leg and glute blasting workout. The final challenge is to hold a squat for 1 minute. Your first thought might be “Shit I’ve already done over 100 variations of squats…NO THANKS.” Then when you start to hold the squat and that 20 second mark hits you really start to feel the pain. This is where my mantra comes in handy. Mind over matter. I always talk it out to myself. If you don’t mind that shit don’t matter. If you tell yourself that you don’t mind, that pain that you feel, that struggle you are having won’t be the focus. It won’t matter. Trust me.

Talk it out the next time you feel like you can’t hang.


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