Verve for the Win

Copper hardware, glorious green patio, olive velvet couches, expansive outdoor bar seating, oh and coffee. Lots of coffee. I could post up here for hours, and I have. Multiple times.

Not a coffee lover?  Verve Coffee Roasters also carries a full Juice Served Here menu and if you are as indecisive as I am, you can order the juice flight. You’re welcome.

In addition to the glorious seating selection and free wifi, they have grammable floors. So if you have “this thing with floors” you will have prime opportunities to take the obligatory floor/shoe selfie.

Could I have noticed any more “basic” characteristics of a coffee spot? Probably (like their vegan gluten free pastry options maybe?). But I’m not mad about it. Go check it out! Located right next door to the one and only Gracias Madre.


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